You are unique in your beauty, beliefs, and choices. Simultaneously gentle and independent, vulnerable and strong, without ever losing that something which makes you special.

Thus, you deserve jewelry that supports your uniqueness and brings out your true essence. This is jewelry with character, not found in commercial centers but rather in small shops and the workshops of jewelry artists, which sometimes require a journey to the farthest corners of the world.

Such a journey and a chance purchase one evening in Bangkok marked the beginning of Monafi’s story. I stepped into a small artisan’s workshop and immediately noticed jewelry with unpolished semi-precious stones. Being with my kids, I couldn’t linger to examine rings and bracelets for long, but I couldn’t leave without making a purchase either. Along with rose quartz earrings, I took a business card, somehow knowing I might need it someday.

Being back at home, my new jewelry sparked so much interest that I located the business card, contacted the workshop, and requested they make some personalized pieces for me. The first order was followed by a second and a third, and thus Monafi was born.

Today, our jewelry is made in collaboration between Eve, a jewelry artist from Bangkok, and me – I handle the final design, choosing the colors and creating stone combinations. Thus are born rings, bracelets, and necklaces that, although conceived under the hot sun, suit the taste of the Nordic woman.

Additionally, MONAFI’s jewelry selection includes other interesting, feminine, and distinctively designed jewelry brands, all handcrafted.

The jewelry and techniques of different cultures and peoples have always fascinated me. Even as a young traveler to various exotic places, I always brought back special jewelry for myself, my mother, and my friends. This has become a kind of tradition and hobby, which I now wish to share with you here.

MONAFI’s online store offers the opportunity to discover the creations of exciting jewelry artists from around the world. These artists use special techniques and patterns, interesting materials, make all jewelry 100% by hand, and most importantly, do so with great joy and passion.

I sincerely wish that every woman finds jewelry that brings out her inner shine and emphasizes her personality, because only then does the jewelry truly sparkle.

Monika Kähr, Monafi Founder

Monafi values

MONAFI is family

We treat our customers as if they were our most cherished family members. Always with respect, openness, warmth, and a great willingness to help. All jewelry is packaged with great care and love. We always include a handwritten card, information about the brand, materials, and care instructions. In addition, to delight our customers, we include a little surprise with every package.

Shine like a million dollars…

But pay an affordable price – that’s our motto! We cleverly use various natural and genuine materials and create quality designs that leave an exclusive and expensive impression while being affordably priced. This gives everyone the opportunity to wear or gift MONAFI’s beautiful jewelry. We prove to you that it’s possible to be the star of the evening without diamonds and gemstones!

Passion & dedication

All our jewelry is created by people who work with great passion and dedication. Their names may not yet be famous, but their skills in handcrafted jewelry art are rare in today’s world, as mass production prevails elsewhere. Thanks to their talent, you can wear jewelry with deep meaning and unique beauty.

Happiness lies in helping others

It’s scientifically proven that helping others brings the deepest joy and well-being. We believe this at MONAFI too. Every year, we organize various events or campaigns to assist those who truly need it. We have previously contributed to organizing bereavement camps for children and supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Supporting women’s entrepreneurship

The jewelry sold at MONAFI comes from various corners of the world. Beautiful unpolished semi-precious stone jewelry from Thailand, high-quality exciting design from Italy, trendy minimalist design from the Netherlands, the marvelous bead art of the Masai from Tanzania, and exotic patterns made by women from the island of Bali. By purchasing these earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets, you support women who earn a fair living for themselves and their families through this work.