You are unique in your beauty, beliefs and choices. You are both gentle and independent, vulnerable and strong – never losing anything that makes you special.

That’s why you deserve jewelry that supports you uniqueness and reveals your true nature. Jewelry with character is not found in large shopping malls, rather in small boutiques and workshops. The little treasures that you stumble upon while traveling in faraway lands.

One such trip and accidental purchase in Bangkok started the story of Monafi. By entering a small workshop I immediately noticed unpolished semi-precious stones. Being together with kids I was not able to stay longer, but with pink quartz earrings I grabbed their business card as if knowing that I might need it one day.

In Estonia the earrings got so much interest that I contacted the workshop and asked them to make some products for me personally. After the first order came the second, the third and Monafi was born.

Today our jewelry is made in collaboration with jewelry artists from several countries. I make the final design myself by choosing our distinct color and stone combinations. This is how the rings, bracelets and necklaces are made. Although being born under the heating sun, they are suitable for the taste of a every woman.

In addition, Monafi’s selection includes other interesting, feminine, and distinctive jewelry brands, whose creations are crafted by hand.

I sincerely wish that every woman finds jewelry that reveals her inner personality and inner glow. The jewelry will shine together with her.

– Monika Kähr, The founder and CEO of Monafi