Coating materials

  1. Our jewelry is covered with 12-karat yellow or pink gold and white or black rhodium, which give the jewelry its uniqueness and shine.
  2. Pink gold is one of the most preferred choices for our customers. The reddish-pink color is soft and romantic.
  3. Yellow gold is a classic among the selection of gold and available in light yellow nuance.
  4. Rhodium is one of the rarest and most durable metals on our planet. White rhodium is well suited for those who prefer to wear silver jewelry. We are especially proud of the black rhodium in our selection, which leaves a stylish and Nordic impression while wearing it.

Semi-precious stones and pearls

To maintain the natural beauty and maximum brilliance of the crystals, only semi-precious stones have been used in the production phase. The uncut raw stone makes each piece of jewelry unique. Each piece of jewelry has been cut by hand from larger rock. The method of cutting crystals by hand gives a much wider brilliance than polished stones. The semi-precious stones used in the design of our jewelry come from the most exotic places in the world, from Arizona to Afghanistan. Represented are very well-known and very rare crystals, all of them in all kinds of colors.

High-quality light and dark freshwater pears from quality farms has been used to produce the selection of pearl jewelry.

Basic material

The basic material of the jewelry is white copper or brass. Brass consists of 70% copper and 30% zinc. Due to its softness, copper gives the jewelry good elasticity and bending ability, which has been cleverly used in jewelry design. Zinc, in turn, gives durability to jewelry.

Two interesting facts about brass:

  1. Due to its copper content, brass has antiseptic effect.
  2. Today, about 90% of brass is recycled.


Our jewelry is 100% handcrafted in small workshops and boutiques by talented jewelers.