By keeping and caring for your jewelry properly, you can maintain the beauty of your jewelry for years to come!


General care

Our jewelry is covered with 14-karat yellow or pink gold and white or black rhodium. Jewelry coatings can wear out over time due to improper care. This is inevitable for all overlaid jewelry. As a result, we recommend that you be careful when doing housework, washing your hands, swimming, exercising, washing your hair or putting your hair up. Soaps, chlorine, bleach, detergents, perfumes or hairs products can damage the coating material. Before taking a shower, going to pool or sea, we recommend removing the jewelry to prevent damage to the cover material. It also protects the shine of your jewelry. The Monafi jewelry box is a safe place to store the jewelry. Please keep them separate from other jewelry. Regardless of the metal used in the manufacture of the jewelry, oxidation or fading of the jewelry may occur over time. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to keep the jewelry clean and shiny.

Jewelry with pearls or semi- precious stones

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean semi-precious stones or pearls. If necessary, clean with a damp soft lint-free cloth. All kinds of perfumes, hairsprays, cleaners, detergents damage pearls and semi-precious stones. Jewelry can be damaged by all kinds of shocks, bumps and scratches. Avoid sudden temperature changes. When removing the jewelry, make sure not to twist the pearl or semi-precious stone jewelry

The structure of semi-precious stones can be asymmetrical, angular and rough, as they are uncut natural crystals. Therefore, care must be taken when wearing it so that the jewelry does not get caught in clothing.

Jewelry that is universal in size

When placing a universal-sized piece of jewelry around your neck or hand, bend the piece of jewelry slightly larger to fit around your neck, wrist or finger. Then fold the piece of jewelry together exactly as you feel the need. When removing the jewelry, proceed in the same way as when placing it. When bending the jewelry, do it calmly and gently, not with sudden movements.