By properly caring for and maintaining your jewelry, you can preserve its beauty and shine for years to come!

General Maintenance

Improper care of jewelry can cause it to dull, wear, or become damaged. Over time, jewelry will inevitably lose its luster, but with proper care, you can easily restore its former shine.

We recommend removing jewelry for household chores, sleeping, handwashing, swimming, exercising, showering, applying makeup, or styling hair. Soaps, chlorine, bleach, creams, cleaning agents, perfumes, or hair products can damage jewelry. Protect your jewelry from bumps, scratches, moisture, sunlight, heat, and cold. Be particularly careful when wearing rings. Be sure to remove rings during handwashing or other water activities.

Jewelry Storage

The Monafi jewelry box is a secure place to store your jewelry. Keep it separate from other jewelry to prevent oxidation and damage to the metal.

Jewelry Cleaning

Regardless of the metal used in the jewelry, over time, it may become dull or change color. This is a natural process of wearing jewelry, but using the right jewelry cleaning solution can help maintain its beauty for a long time. For this purpose, we recommend the Monafi jewelry cleaning kit. The kit includes a cleaning and polishing cloth for daily maintenance, which is infused with special natural substances to effortlessly clean dirt from the jewelry and make it shine again. For deep cleaning, use the jewelry cleaning solution (spray) to remove dirt and oxidation from hard-to-reach areas. As a result, the jewelry will look like new, clean, and shiny as it was originally.

Jewelry with Pearls or Gemstones

Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean gemstones or pearls. In extreme cases, clean the jewelry with a damp soft lint-free cloth or Monafi jewelry cleaner. Various perfumes, hairsprays, cleaning agents, and detergents can damage pearls and gemstones. Crystals and pearls can also be damaged by any bumps, impacts, or scratches. Also, avoid abrupt temperature changes. When removing jewelry, we recommend not holding onto pearls or gemstones – rather, hold onto the metal parts. Monafi jewelry gemstones have an asymmetrical, uneven, and rough structure because they are uncut natural crystals. Therefore, be careful when wearing them to avoid them snagging on clothing.

One-Size-Fits-All Jewelry

When fitting a one-size-fits-all ring, bracelet, or necklace, bend the jewelry slightly larger to fit around the neck, wrist, or finger. Then, bend the jewelry back to the desired size. When removing the jewelry, do the same. When bending the jewelry, do so gently and smoothly, avoiding sudden movements.