Happiness Coach Dali Karat: Jewelry Tells My Story.

Happiness Trainer Dali Karat: Jewelry Tells My Story

Dali Karat is a shining woman who is a happiness coach, manifestation mentor, and teacher of female archetypes, and, on top of all that, a prominent style icon who loves to wear jewelry.

We recently asked Dali some questions to find out what role jewelry plays in her life. We inquired why she wears jewelry and how she chooses it? We also explored her favorite pieces from the Monafi collection and much more.

Why do you wear jewelry?

Jewelry for me is a beautiful way to make an appearance more memorable, expressive, and personalized. Jewelry can say a lot—whether someone is bold, calm, modest, or expressive. Of course, this isn’t the only or always a reliable method, but often jewelry reflects our mood or personality. I also like that you can drastically change an outfit with different pieces of jewelry.

Instead of buying new clothes, sometimes I just buy a new set of jewelry. I think that jewelry is an essential part of a woman’s overall appearance.

How often and what kind of jewelry do you wear?

I wear jewelry daily. There were periods when I wore a lot of bracelets, and then a time in my life when I wore different necklaces every day. But undoubtedly, earrings are my favorite – I wear them every day and I have a very large collection.

I like earrings with character – some are larger, some have an interesting look, and some are very striking in color. For me, earrings are an essential part of my appearance, complementing my outfit and often being an integral part of the overall look.

How do you choose jewelry for everyday wear or for a special occasion?

My styles and colors vary periodically—sometimes I choose jewelry that is softer, lighter, and more subdued. At other times, I’m bursting with tremendous energy, and then my jewelry choices are bolder, more colorful, larger, and more conspicuous.

Generally, I match jewelry with the color and style I am currently wearing. Since I have a wide variety of jewelry, I have, for example, green earrings in several different shades and styles.

How often do you buy new jewelry for yourself?

I often buy jewelry while traveling, having found some amazing pieces in Zanzibar, Thailand, Spain, and the Dominican Republic.

I also order jewelry from online stores that catch my eye in social media ads or someone’s photo. I frequently browse design shops to discover creations by local jewelers.

Being a Libra, choosing can often be quite difficult – I just can’t decide! In those moments, I listen to my intuition combined with logic – I think about which outfit/style the jewelry would suit and which piece feels the best.

Do you have any jewelry in your jewelry box that is particularly meaningful to you?

I remember the origin of every piece of jewelry I’ve purchased, as well as the time and place where I bought it. From Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar, I have acquired several rather expensive necklaces, which were crafted by local artisans. By purchasing these, I have been able to support the community of local women.

Wearing these pieces at performances or during training sessions, I feel a primal power and the support of a community of women behind me.

What do you like about MONAFI jewelry?

I appreciate the femininity of Monafi jewelry. Some jewelry brands are very simple, others minimalist, and some are very expressive and artistic. I would describe Monafi jewelry with words like feminine, stylish, refined, and elegant. The pieces are generally smaller, delicate, meticulously designed, and elegant. I like this because femininity is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

What are your favorite pieces from the current MONAFI selection?

For everyday wear, I prefer timeless and rather small pieces – for example, the Willow Hoops, Raindrop or Double Raindrop earrings in various shades, Little Stone sets, or Mini Heart earrings from MONAFI’s collection. These pieces are perfect for subtle enhancement and add just the right touch of elegance without overwhelming the look. They embody the feminine, stylish, and elegant characteristics I cherish in jewelry.

When I want to stand out more or draw attention to my earrings, the Palm Leaf set, Snow earrings, or the Leaf Stone collection are stunning! I also really like the Double Rainy earrings, which strike the perfect balance between being eye-catching and sufficiently understated. These pieces showcase MONAFI’s ability to combine artistic expression with feminine elegance, making them not only beautiful but also expressive in a way that complements any standout outfit or occasion.

For special occasions, I would highlight the Drop and Brier Rose earrings, Floral bracelets, and the set from the Pearl collection, which are wonderfully feminine.

And of course, the timeless classics – hoops, such as the Bella Statement hoops. For those who want to add a bit more festivity, the Gigi sparkling hoops of various sizes are very striking!

I particularly like that in MONAFI’s selection, it is possible to create sets that include earrings, a necklace, a ring, and a bracelet.

What kind of jewelry would you gift your mother from the Monafi selection?

I would gift my mother something modest, as she prefers wearing smaller pieces of jewelry. She definitely favors sets – earrings paired with a necklace.

From Monafi’s handcrafted jewelry selection, the Little Stone sets with various colored crystals would be perfect. The Sea Bubble collection, which is divine, also caught my eye. Additionally, the Double Raindrop set including earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet would be a very beautiful and elegant choice.

Dali’s thoughts and attitude reveal that earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets are much more than just decorations. Jewelry is an important part of self-expression and lifestyle, carrying meanings, personality, and positive energy.

Jewelry can serve as a reminder of our own values, beauty, and the power to create a life that makes us happy. Undoubtedly, Dali has a very exciting style, and she is a bold woman who experiments with and confidently wears any jewelry.

We hope her ideas will inspire you in selecting and wearing jewelry too!

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Dali Karat's Jewelry Recommendations from the MONAFI Collection

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