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Welcome to MONAFI, your destination for unique jewelry! We bring you handmade jewelry from around the globe, designed to enhance your uniqueness and highlight your true essence and femininity.

What sets MONAFI apart? All our jewelry is handcrafted using special techniques and incorporates exciting, sustainable materials. Our pieces stand out with their unique patterns, featuring various semi-precious stones and pearls.

Feel bold, stylish, and attractive. Experience the incredible energy of wearing jewelry that has been created with passion and great dedication

Whether you’re starting your day at the office or dressing up for a grand party, you’ll always find something suitable at MONAFI. You’ll also discover deeply meaningful and beautifully designed jewelry for gifts.

Embark on an exciting and beautiful journey into our world of jewelry and discover your unique sparkle!

A Wide Selection of Distinctive Design Jewelry

Explore the world of MONAFI jewelry

Discover MONAFI’s most popular jewelry – adjustable rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Our collection includes versatile pieces, various styles of earrings, gift sets, and minimalist black rhodium jewelry. All these unique pieces are available in limited quantities, ensuring exclusivity for every MONAFI wearer. Choose a piece of jewelry that tells your story.

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Our jewelry artists and craftsmen are like undiscovered gems, whose handiwork we proudly present to the world. Their names may not be famous yet, but they craft their art with passion. Their skills in handcrafted jewelry art are rare in today’s world, where mass production is common. Thanks to their talent, you can wear jewelry with deep meaning and unique beauty. 

Our customers say that MONAFI jewelry carries good energy, likely stemming from the authentic materials and traditional techniques used, as well as the soul put into each piece. You too can experience this when you hold a Monafi piece in your hand.

Limited Editions

MONAFI jewelry is crafted in small artisan workshops around the world, where skills and knowledge of craftsmanship are passed down from generation to generation, blending with contemporary knowledge of jewelry art. Many designs are produced in only a few examples, some of our pieces are even one-of-a-kind.

Practical and Special Design

Our collection includes a wide variety of rings, necklaces, and bracelets with a universal size. You can adjust them to fit your hand and wear them in different ways, just as you like. For those who want even more variety, many of our earrings and necklaces can be worn in different ways. Rings for multiple fingers are designed for interesting and comfortable wear. We cleverly use various natural and genuine materials to create high-quality designs that, although affordably priced, leave an exclusive and expensive impression.


High quality

Recycled materials

Semiprecious stones

700+ Jewelry

5/5 star ratings